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Now Available for Free Online Coaching Session

Looking for a way to boost your personal growth and achieve your goals?

Look no further than our expert coaching sessions with Tiffany! And as a special thank you to our valued supporters, we're offering 30 FREE coaching sessions on a first come, first served basis.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to work with a top-notch coach who can help you unlock your full potential.

Book your spot now and take the first step toward a brighter future!



Born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Tiffany Rossdale has been a resident of Tokyo for over 25 years. After moving to Tokyo in late 90’s, she discovered vibrant opportunities in Japan’s VIP nightlife scenes and became one of Tokyo’s mega-socialites. Through Tokyo Fashionista, Tiffany began curating her own events and has spent a decade hosting and designing some of the most luxurious parties for five star hotel's, luxury fashion brands, and megaclubs, including annual Halloween and New Year's Eve Parties.​

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We will offer 30 limited spots for a Free Coaching Session!


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Lifestyle/Wellness Coach

I really appreciate Tiffany’s  inspiring, insightful and energizing session! She gave me  new perspectives on my current situation and view it from a different new angle. I also liked her  ability to mirror, and then articulate what’s going on based on what she sensed which created more awareness for me. With a solid presence she  uniquely combines a balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience. Her helpful insights and ideas left me with question to ponder and I can only recommend her sessions.


Ritsuko Nishimae
Clinical Psychologist

The session of coaching by Tiffany brought me clear realization how I am & how I want to be. My theme was a sense of inferiority in speaking English which I feel among English speakers who are talkative. Tiffany gave  me a great advice that it is OK to slowly speak English but clearly do it without focusing on catching up a speed of conversation among native speakers. Her advice came from her own experiences getting by her voice-trainer. She understood my experiences and feeling regarding the issue  with compassion & empathy, and then gave the advice as a same non-native English speaker as me. It made me feel relieved. Subsequently, I sense that it is OK for me to speak slowly and not fluently because I am not a native English speaker, I am a Japanese. This is me. Although I know it so far, I was spontaneously convinced it . I want be natural as usual even in speaking  a foreign  language. I greatly appreciate her support!  

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Japanese Traditional Performer

It was my very first time to take a coaching lesson from Tiffany san.
Since her kind and gentle support, I was able to coach myself with comfortable mind.

I did not recognize the results soon, however, gradually I've been finding out positive influences in my life.

Not only for my dance activities but also for the business I've worked on recently, coaching with Tiffany gives good impacts on them.

As for perspective on my mental, I've felt much better and enjoyed my life fully every day.

I will make the most of coaching experience for my coming future.

Thank you very much.


Lilly Ann Velez Polit

Hi, my name is Lilly Ann, as woman of trans experience, going through life battling society, finding a life coach that can help me and guide me through life and goals is crucial. Experiencing Tiffany’s coaching has helped me put my goals in order of priority. She has guided me and through her program, given clarity to the steps needed. Since then, I’ve been able to get my projects started and put my life in order. 

I love the attention to details she has towards her client’s lives and the ability to follow up with them to check on results and ensure progress is made is crucial to her success. I enjoy feeling that I speak with a friend instead of feeling that I’m just another client. Tiffany ensure I feel important.

I highly recommend her program to every one, you won’t regret it!


Paris Yui Nakajima-Farran
Sports Consultant / Football Coordinator

After always wanting to self improve I never sought the help of a professional before as I pride or embarrassment interfered, however it was great speaking to Tiffany about life and have a helpful, honest and educated view on a beneficial direction to take. It’s helped me clear my mind, my thoughts and cant emphasis how much better I felt afterwards. 
For a step in the right direction, talking to Tiffany I can recommend for anyone. 


Natsumi Iwata
Flight Attendant

She’s very approachable and empathic.After our first session, I feel more motivated to lead a more fulfilling life.I leaned I need more confidence in myself so I want to work on it to make great change in my life and explore future career ideas.
Thank you Tiffany!!



Kinesiology Practitioner

Tiffany never judges people, so I was able to express my thoughts without being nervous.
People often try to change the subject of conversation unconsciously to avoid what they don't want to see or to be touched in their mind.
However, she lead a conversation in a gentle way and helped me to face and speak what's on my mind. It brought me a clear awareness of myself. By sharing her own experience, she inspired and energized me a lot. I felt relieved to know she stood by me. I can get a courage from her way of living itself, which she keeps changing and growing to pursue a meaningful life through focusing on her inner self. I am a little bit scared, but I will go on my path which I want to follow step by step. I appreciate her support.

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