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My name is Tiffany Rossdale. I'm your Tokyo based transformational lifestyle coach. 

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Tiffany Rossdale has been a resident of Tokyo for over 25 years. After moving to Tokyo in late 90’s, she discovered vibrant opportunities in Japan’s VIP nightlife scenes and became one of Tokyo’s mega-socialites. Through Tokyo Fashionista, Tiffany began curating her own events and has spent a decade hosting and designing some of the most luxurious parties for five star hotel's, luxury fashion brands, and megaclubs, including annual Halloween and New Year's Eve Parties. She has served as a judge at the International Pole Dance Fitness Competition, worked with International artists and musicians like Kat deLuna, Vita Chambers, and Lavelle Smith Jr. who is a choreographer to American pop stars like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and many more.

In 2010, she began her career as a DJ, playing at various fashion parties, private/corporate events, and some of the famous clubs in Tokyo such as Ageha. She has opened for Vita Chambers Club Event in Tokyo, played in Beverly Hills New Year's Eve Party, and Miami's biggest Yacht Swingers Event. 

Since the global pandemic struck Tokyo, she pivoted into hosting a podcast called "Breakfast With Tiffany Show" dedicated to LGBTQ+ wellbeing and community.


The Backstory of Tiffany Rossdale’s Personal Transformation

"My name is Tiffany Rossdale and I'm your Tokyo based lifestyle coach."

Let me share briefly about the story of my own personal transformation. I did not always share openly about this fact, but I am transgender. I began my career in Japan working for a small electronics factory which I didn’t like doing. I have always loved to dance eversince I was a kid and when I realised that my real passion, I pivoted to working in a transgender cabaret and my sex/gender reassignment surgery followed. It was a very scary transformation to go through, but I was taught that was the only way I could live to fulfill my dreams. After completing my surgery, the opportunities to build a different selfhood and image unfolded. I love expressing myself in front of the camera and I love being the center of attention so I pursued a variety of modeling jobs. I thought I was free to live completely as a woman and I actually started to forget my past.

One day, I found a man who I felt was a perfect fit for me. He was kind, gentle, successful and loving. We were madly in-love but I never really told him about the previous “real” me. After I told him everything about my past, everything started to change! Finally, he left without an explanation and disappeared from my life. I was devastated and shattered. I became addicted to working, started experimenting with drugs and was close to being an alcoholic. Numbing myself from the heartache, I  finally faced the consequences of risking my life with my risky choices. I had many frightening incidents and then finally awoke to recognize the damage I was doing to myself.  I decided to completely turn my life around, and I abandoned the nightlife personality. I went sober, woke up early to catch the sunrise, took life coaching from influential speakers, reading inspirational books, did extreme workouts and got in touch with my spiritual self. 

I spent a month in Bali to experience a silence retreat. I started to learn more about life.

I found myself again. I found forgiveness, and I realised I never truly loved myself. I needed to heal my inner child and find peace of mind through consistent meditation. 

Through these steps, I started to love myself again and I wished to find a way to share that love and acceptance with others. 

I now use all of my struggles, past life experiences, and professional expertise to help others so they may avoid the damaging experiences I went through. I want to support others in discovering their best version of themselves, and find their own unique way to live a life of daily gratitude and deep acceptance of themselves that allows them to share and resonate their gifts from the heart.

My Career

  • 2016-2017 - Manager / PR of The Iron Fairies Ginza 

  • 2017-2018 - Airbnb VIP Nightlife Tour Experience Host 

  • 2018-2019 - Wining & Dining Tokyo PR Marketing & Sales 

  • 2019-2020 - PLUSTOKYO & Mixology Bar PR Marketing 

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